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Outside Broadcast Units

The Spectra Team have over 500 years combined service of experience. We have a design team equipped with the latest 3D Modelling software, almost anything is possible when it comes to outside broadcast units, from small satellite news gathering vehicles right through the range to triple expanding side 13.6m trailers.


Quality matters, including hardwood, durable laminate, wall carpets and hardwearing floor coverings are used to ensure the best possible internal finish and wear. The external of vehicles are painted to specification, in corporate livery, if required.


Outside Broadcast units are insulated to a high standard against external and internal noise produced by the vehicles own air conditioning and generating plant, creating the correct environment for the broadcasting industry.


We have build Outside Broadcasting Vehicles for customers around the world, each with varying heating and air conditioning systems best suited to the local climatic conditions.

Recent Projects include;



Mercedes Sprinter SNG Vehicle


Sony - For China